Winter Boat Storage

Oban Marine Centre works in close conjunction with Puffin Dive Centre, utilising Puffin Dive Centre staff for the purposes of crane out/crane in and security. The bookings and subsequent payments for Oban Marine Centre transactions are taken by Puffin Dive Centre staff at the shop, on e-mail and in written form. Oban Marine Centre is ideally situated on the waters edge at Port Gallanach, 1-½ miles south of Oban on the Kerrera Sound coast road. The rates offered cover crane out/crane in and full assistance at the time. The vessel is checked externally on a daily basis for cradle integrity and owners are contacted should problems with the boat itself occur.

Unlike other boat yards Oban Marine Centre provides and fits custom made cradles for your vessel. A one off charge is made for the cradle the first time. The charge covers as long as your vessel is stored with us for  onsecutive seasons. The cradles remain the property of Oban Marine Centre but are reserved exclusively for your vessel. Timber will be changed routinely or as appropriate. Owners can of course provide their own cradles if they wish - see terms for specific conditions. With our rates there are no hidden fees for craning. The cost of the storage (see rates over page) is the only cost that you pay (apart from ancillary charges e.g. Pressure washing, electricity etc) this price includes all craning fees. We endeavour to minimise the crane time on site and this has had and continues to have a beneficial effect on the pricing. This has been achieved due to the process largely working based on keel depths and weights given and tolerance on the part of the owners of boats when unavoidable delays have occurred. When you decide to book you will be asked to provide information on your vessel such as length over all, beam over all, weight, draft etc. This information is used in calculating lift orders and time and is essential to be as accurate as possible. You will also be asked to sign to say you agree with the terms and conditions these are shown later in this leaflet.

The site has 24-hour presence ensuring a constant watchful eye over your vessel particularly important during bad weather periods. Occasional overnight stays by owners or approved persons are allowed. Longer stays should be notified to the OMC office in advance of the stay for security reasons.

Masts can be removed or left in place at your option. A mast removal charge is levied for removal and refits and must be arranged prior to crane out. Oban Marine also offers the service of pressure washing your vessel at the time of crane out should you not be on site or simply can't face the job. The charge allows for a clean of a vessel which has been anti fouled in the last 12 months and has superficial growth only. More extensive cleans can be arranged and a price should be requested after crane out from the office.


  • 1: Vessels will be lifted out of the water when a 25% payment of the total amount agreed for storage has been received. This is due at least 5 days in advance of the lift out date. The second half of the payment is due on or before 1st of January.
  • 2: Vessels are hoisted, left and stored entirely at the owners risk and owners are entirely responsible for their own vessels, cradles and support integrity and all insurances necessary and appropriate to their vessels. This must include any moorings whilst waiting at Gallanach. Insurance cover should be for the full period of the storage and it is recommended to ensure their insurances cover them for all eventualities.
  • 3: Owners who hoist or cradle or support their own boats do so entirely at their own risk and while Oban Marine Centre will endeavour to ensure the boat's well being, Oban Marine makes no warranty as to its safety. Oban Marine staff will assist with the hoisting operations, cradling and supporting of vessels however the final responsibility rests with the owners. Owners may request or contract OMC staff to lift their vessels however the vessel owner must be insured for this and is responsible for any movements of their vessel including those of the OMC staff.
  • 4: Any litter and repair debris is to be placed in the bins provided. Paints, anti fouling, repair materials and debris must not be dumped or spilt into the water or onto the ground. When working with paints on the exterior of your boat the ground and adjacent vessels must be protected from spillage and pollution. All personal materials (paint, anti-fouling, oil, brushes, wood, parts etc.) should be stored aboard the vessel or removed from site at all times. Any polluting spillage caused by a vessel or cargo is forbidden and vessels may be asked to vacate the mooring should this occur. Any ancillary equipment e.g. lobster pots, should not be left on the pier or slip, only loading and off loading from vehicles is allowed. A charge may be levied on individual boat owners who disregard this requirement. Items found lying on the ground without agreement will be considered to be discarded and maybe disposed of appropriately.
  • 5: Vessel owners will submit a list in writing of any authorised persons additional to themselves allowed access to their boats. Visitors will not be allowed access to boats unless they can prove identity as an authorised person. For security purposes, the office should be notified if you intend to stay overnight in your vessel or vehicle.
  • 6: Lifts both into and out of the water will be on one of the notified dates and if owners require an alternative date this may incur an additional charge to cover the cost of the exceptional lift.
  • 7: Prices are maintained as low as possible based on full utilisation of hoisting times and dates. Occasionally due to the nature of hoisting and storage delays may result. Payment for moorings must be made at the outset and thereafter by agreement; owners of vessels should only use designated moorings, ensuring that the mooring is satisfactory for their vessel.
  • 8: Vessels owners are responsible for their vessels. Puffin Dive Centre/Oban Marine Centre can not accept responsibility for damage incurred through the use of a mooring whether loaned or hired, whether the failure through improper ropes or methods of mooring
  • 9: Vehicles and tenders should be left in parking areas. All vehicles shall be parked in the area designated by staff at time of arrival.
  • 10: Fuel, Diesel, Unleaded and 2-stroke oil are available and should be paid for at the time of purchase.
  • 11: Any requirements, suggestions, queries or complaints should be submitted directly to the management in writing. Any losses or damages should be notified in writing.

Q: What payment methods does OMC accept?
A: OMC can accept cash, cheques and bank transfers only. Most credits cards. All cheques should be made out to Oban Marine Centre. Bank details can be supplied upon request.

Q: What if I am not available for the crane out/in date?
A: Notify the OMC office well in advance and arrange a time when you can bring your vessel to OMC, we will allocate a FOC mooring (max: 10 days) for the period leading up to thecrane out date. OMC staff will then crane out your vessel for you. The vessel should be left in a state of readiness for craning i.e.: min. mast supports, strop positions marked, sails stowed away, fenders on deck etc. OMC will also crane your vessel in for you and put on FOC mooring (max: 10 days) awaiting collection.

Q: Is electricity available?
A: OMC can provide two types of electricity meter. The first type is metered and YOUR power extension will be plugged in exclusively to this meter. A reading is taken at connection and then at disconnection, Payment is required within 7 days of disconnection. Rates will be notified at start of connection period. There are only a limited number of these meters so reserve your meter when booking your storage. The other type is coin operated and is reserved for electrical power tools or similar when doing odd jobs on your vessel. Connect and reconnect when you start and end your job. You must provide your own power extension. All meters are 3-pin plug type.

Q: Is Oban Marine Centre VAT registered?
A: No, you will be issued with an invoice for all the services used none of which contain any VAT.

Q: How do I secure my storage space?
A: Call the OMC office for latest space availability and send your deposit for 25% of the total storage fee. The deposit will be acknowledge with a receipt sent to you along with a copy of the terms and conditions for signing and
returning back to OMC.

Q: Whose insurance is covering the vessel during mooring, craning and standing?
A: Full craning and storage insurance must be provided by boat owner. OMC cannot accept responsibility for damage incurred through the use of a mooring whether loaned or hired, whether the failure through improper ropes or methods or of the mooring.

£115.00 per metre (includes lift out and lift in)
Winter Period is usually from Mid/Late October - Late March

  • *March Crane Outs By Arrangement
  • *Cradles Provided and Fitted One Off Timber Charge £150 (2 Year Life)
  • *Pressure Washing £95 per Boat
  • *Full Craning and Storage Insurance Must Be Provided By Boat Owner
  • *Mast Removal and Refit Charged At £110.00 (by arrangement)
  • *Security lights
  • *Staff on site 24 hours
  • *No crane out fee

£125.00 per metre
Summer Period is usually from April 1st - 30th September

All parking is free to boat storage owners (max 2 cars). See our site services page for fees for the use of our other site facilities.