Terms and Conditions

Kit Rental Some Terms And Conditions

1. The period of hire is for 24 hours from the time of issue

2. The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss howsoever caused

3. The hirer must return the kit within the hire period to the rental store or other agreed location

4. Misuse will constitute grounds for the cessation of the hire

5. Early return does not effect the cost of the hire

6. Early return does not allow re issue

7.The Hirer must treat the equipment in accordance with manufacturers and PDC best practice and recommendations

8.The Hirer should inspect and confirm satisfaction with the item hired before acceptance of the contract

9. The Hirer should notify the owner (PDC) of any faults or damage on return or as soon as possible

10. Incorrect use or purpose may result in cessation of hire

11. Hirer must provide photo documentation proof of I.D. and/or valid credit card details.

12. The hirer agrees to have the cost of any loss occurred during hire debited from the credit card.

13. The hirer agrees to indemnify Puffin Dive Centre from all errors and faults during the use of the equipment and that the use of the equipment, its application and including the failure to use the equipment correctly is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

14. Where batteries are an integral part of any hire it is usual to notify 24 hours in advance so that batteries may be supplied properly charged.

15. Scooters must be hired in pairs. Costs shown on hire forms are for individual units only.