Quality Philosophy


GENERAL UNDERSTANDING - Mission Statement - Puffin Dive Centre

  • Puffin Dive Centre will continue to review any criticism from what ever source and where practicable will assess and improve its activities to allow less perceptive commentators - regardless of their bigotry and motivation - to understand our role.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will seek and maintain only the very best staff and equipment and will ensure customers only get the best available.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will deliver a full explanation in so far as it is practicable to all staff regarding its procedures, methodology and working methods for the fullest possible understanding and personal development of staff members.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will provide efficient services in the provision of air, repairs, rental equipment and boat activities.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will maintain its position in the top 3 of 320 dive centres in the UK without argument as to who is number 1.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will continue to attract customers in the sensible majority bracket throughout the next 5 year period with a
  • continued emphasis on the development of family and female related diving participation.
  • Puffin Dive Centre will only provide quality courses, products and service to the diving community.