PDC Manufacturing


The repair and technical services department operates to a quality control system producing various items of diving and related equipment. All of the items produces have been extensively tested insuring that the products themselves are extremely durable. Items can be modified on a one off or order basis. Many of the items are in response to the lack of availability, either in the type, quality or quantity. Items ordered are given a delivery time of a few days and assistance with any minor modifications required. Coupled with our embroidery capability, we can quickly produce products that look personalised and unique to the purchasers sales market in a fraction of the time normally associated with bespoke personalised items.

Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Shot Belts            
Goody Bags            
Shot Pouch 2lb/4lb        
Fleece Neck Warmer STD    
Neoprene Bellows Pocket        
Yellow Safety Flag        
Yellow Safety Flag Pouch        
Pony Cover - Heavy Duty Mesh    
A-Flag blue/white Medium    
Slap Strap            
Tank Band - Wormdrive        
PDC RIB Bag            
Velcro Regulator Holder        
PDC Tech RIB Bag        
Small Neoprene Bellows Pocket    
Neoprene Knife Pocket        
Fleece Neck Warmer PDC Staff Spec    
Drysuit - Puffin Instructor Spec    
Small Knife Pocket C/W Vcro & Rub     
Neoprene Neck Seals            
Cargo Pockets            
Knee Pad Pimple Junior        
Mini Padded Computer Bag        
Small Padded Computer Bag        
Padded Mask Pouches            
Fitting Pockets to Divemaster Suits    
Neoprene Cuff Seals             
Lead Shot Pack (Per 4lb) Approx    
Torch Covers                
Spliced Pick Up Lines            
Utility Pouches            
Neoprene Knee Pads            
Dog Lead Snap Sets            
Regulator Bags            
Dive Harness (Divex Style)        
Ankle Weights