Enriched Air Diving has the capability to provide several benefits, not generally available to the standard air mix diver. As a by product of reducing the nitrogen, N2, content of your breathing gas mixture, it is possible to extend the time allowable on conventional tables at recreational diving depths. The nitrogen as most divers are aware is associated with nitrogen narcosis, commonly called 'The Narks'. Over 25 metres the partial pressure of the nitrogen has increased to the point where the onset of Nitrogen Narcosis occurs. Various divers have anecdotal evidence to support their claims of Narcosis at shallower depths in more challenging conditions although medical opinion tends to support Narcosis occurrence in depths deeper than 30 metres. Individuals have varying tolerance in the same way different people handle alcohol. Regardless of the person, all individuals have a degree of Narcosis and it is only the percentage of affect that causes a reaction. With this in mind, reducing the point at where Narcosis starts, by the reduction of the nitrogen percentage, generally leads to a beneficial increase in the individuals' tolerance and behaviour at depth.

In the example above, we have used nitrogen as the reducing percentage, however in reality it is the oxygen, O2, that is increased. With EANx, common terminology refers to a percentage and during the course you will be trained to calculate measure and use 32, 34 and 36 percent mixes. The figure (32 etc) is the measured percentage of oxygen. Therefore, to all practical purposes, the gas mixture (100%) is made up of 2 components - nitrogen and oxygen. (79% and 21%) When the gas is simply compressed air, then the safe partial pressure for recreational diving (1.4 - oxygen) is not exceeded until the diver goes deeper than 66 metres, however, the nitrogen has increased by the same proportions and the narcosis, referred to earlier, is now extremely relevant.

The above information will be thoroughly discussed and examined during the classroom sessions. The figures above are not depths to which the average sport diver would dive to, however for illustration; they represent the logic for the maximum safe diving depth on increased oxygen percentages. In other words, the safe partial pressure (1.4 - oxygen) as you can see, occurs at a shallower depth if the percentage of oxygen was increased to 32 percent, thus 0.32 x 4 (40 metres) now makes the maximum depth 40 metres. The relationship is based on simple calculations allowing the diver to balance and predict his application of the gas to the task or the diving activity and depth he chooses.

Benefits include extended bottom times without decompression, the safety and confidence of breathing Enriched Air for your diving and more energy at the end of your dive trip. The PADI Enriched Air Diver, once qualified, can use mixtures of up to 40% Oxygen, 60% Nitrogen.

Your training to your present level taught you that as we dive our body absorbs Nitrogen due to the increase in pressure and time at a given depth. If we are breathing a gas with less Nitrogen (more Oxygen) the amount of time we can spend at that depth can therefore be extended. With Enriched Air no-stop bottom times in the 15-25m depth range are quite dramatically increased so you can now spend more time enjoying the scenery or the wreck you are diving on. With the increased Oxygen content comes another benefit. Most divers after a days diving may feel quite tired due to the effort involved and partly due to the uptake of the Nitrogen which will still be escaping from the body.

With the correct use of Enriched Air in planning your day you will get the benefit of breathing more Oxygen which speeds up the body's recovery time from the exercise and because the uptake of nitrogen was initially less the amount of time for it all to escape safely from the body is also much less. Using Enriched Air with an air computer or with air tables to plan your dive can also give you the benefit of staying even further inside the No-Stop limits for all your dives. This makes for very conservative diving.

Using a process where we can calculate the Equivalent Air Depth for your Enriched Air Dive you can still use air tables to plan your dive giving yourself the benefit of the extended No-Stop bottom time. During the course you will go through all aspects of safe Enriched Air Diving. Having discussed all the advantages and disadvantages you will be told about the Equipment differences and practice analysing the gas in your Scuba cylinder. Within our Shop at Puffin Dive Centre we stock a full range of Nitrox accessories and computers. We also have the facilities to Oxygen clean your equipment for use with Nitrox should you wish to do so.

Repetitive dives and Multilevel dives are also fully covered allowing you to dive plan for many types of dive. Exposure to higher percentages of Oxygen can pose depth related problems for the diver which means Enriched Air is not a deep diving gas, during the course you will discuss and plan around the Oxygen Exposure limits for the percentage of Oxygen you are using and using the Oxygen Exposure Table you can track and record your level of Exposure to stay well within the proven and safe limits.

Many divers are concerned about Decompression Illness problems in their diving. The 1st Aid for a DCI is to give the diver 100% Oxygen or an Oxygen Enriched Air source, having been breathing Oxygen Enriched Air during the dive it stands to reason the diver may already have a better chance of fast recovery than if diving on air.

All Recompression facilities can and will treat divers using Oxygen in the unlikely event that they have a decompression Illness. You can start the course the moment you decide to book it. A complete Home Study package is available which includes a comprehensive illustrated manual, video, 2 Enriched Air RDP's and the Oxygen Exposure Table with Equivalent Air Depth Table on the reverse side.

Having covered each Module there is a knowledge review for you to complete and assess yourself on the information in the module.

Your instructor can then check these knowledge reviews as you go through each module of the course at Puffin Dive Centre.

The course lasts 2 days in which all the academic portions will be covered plus 2 qualifying dives where you will put into practice all the skills and knowledge you have gained throughout the course.

To relax in the evening after your training Puffin Dive Centre offer self-catering accommodation with all the luxuries of home to make your stay with us much more of a holiday.

To be eligible to start the course you must be a PADI Open Water Diver / Advanced Open Water or Advanced Plus Diver. Min Age for the course is 15.

Within the course costs are all Manuals, Dive Planning Slates, Enriched Air fills for both the qualifying dives, and your certification fee.

Once qualified you will receive a Printed Certificate and a Certification Card, which will allow you to buy, or hire Enriched Air fills from all authorised Dive Centres.

Many customers, having taken the EANx Course, have made claims for the benefit of diving on EANx. Some of the comments have included:
Older Divers are less at risk and less tired after a dive.
Most divers breathe less because they are calmer and have a 2 fold gain in the increasing of the total dive time.
Some Divers report an enhanced sharpness at depth, with a more open arc of vision.
Many divers, report a complete reduction in the tiredness that normally associates the second or third dive, particularly during the drive home.
The lack of narcosis onset allows some divers to feel less apprehensive, particularly during darker or more arduous dives.

Puffin Dive Centre cannot guarantee any of the above effects, although it is an obvious indicator that the success of EANx requires the endorsement of the many users. The Instructors and staff at Puffin Dive Centre all are EANx qualified and are encouraged to use this beneficial gas mixture at every available opportunity.


REQUIRED WATER MATERIALS - Not Included in the Price

KIT HIRE (Kit hire for Gratis post course diving is Zero charge)

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2) Nitrox fills are £8. per dive

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DURATION: 2 days

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