Diving around the coastline of the U.K. can be more varied and interesting than in any other area. Without the correct equipment and protection it is difficult to comfortably enjoy the underwater sights awaiting you all year round.

Mastering your buoyancy and related diving techniques with this equipment and making your diving much more rewarding and comfortable is our aim as you enrol on the PADI DRYSUIT SPECIALTY at Puffin Dive Centre.

As a PADI Career Development Centre and the only centre in the U.K. to hold the PADI Gold Palm Resort Award our standards and service are set high for others to follow and for you to enjoy the relaxing learning environment within our professional centre.

At Puffin Dive Centre we do not only teach you how to handle the drysuit of your choice, we also ensure that you are able to control every underwater eventuality and show you the techniques to use in the highly unlikely event that you have a problem with your equipment.

Although the DRYSUIT Course will certainly not make you an expert, it gives a solid foundation for you to build on and progress your drysuit diving steadily.

Diving is no more difficult than wetsuit diving and with the correct equipment can be safer, almost eliminating the problem of hypothermia. You no longer have to struggle into your tight fitting wetsuit or semi-dry suit, you stay warmer between dives especially when travelling by boat and now you don't have to get into a cold damp wetsuit for your repetitive dives.

Drysuits and Drysuit Diving have advantages from a convenience point of view. Reaching the shore after a dive, simply remove your drysuit and you are ready to drive away, no need for towels, "car park changing" or showers.

The Drysuit Diver Course is designed for all divers regardless of whether or not you may have dived in a drysuit previously. All divers may benefit from the training and techniques practiced throughout the course.

Instructors specialising in the use of Drysuits take you through the course in our professionally equipped classrooms. DVD's, diagrams and an academic presentation where you are encouraged to discuss the points covered and interact as part of the course gets you in the correct frame of mind for the three in water dive sessions that follow.

Through the classroom sessions you are shown the drysuits from the basic stage of their construction to all the attachments and options you will have, neoprene or membrane suits, the various inflating systems and dump valves that assist you to control your buoyancy and the variety of cuff and neck seals available to you for your drysuit.

Our Repairs and Technical Services department offers all drysuit repairs and modifications, speak to one of our technicians who will discuss your specific requirements. You can even take this one step further by enrolling on an Equipment Specialist Course which will give you first hand experience of drysuit repairs and equipment maintenance. These skills can be vital when a quick thinking and simple repair can be the difference between diving and not diving.

You may already have your own drysuit, if not; there is a full range of drysuits in all sizes for both male and female divers available for hire during your course. This may give you a good idea of the type of suit you would like for yourself in the future as you browse through the suits held in the shop at Puffin Dive Centre. With our 3 month neck and cuff replacement option guarantee on all new suits this is just one of the reasons how we demonstrate our commitment to getting you the best possible suit for your needs.

At Puffin Dive Centre we have developed a series of skills for all students to master, which makes your diving a lot easier than before. The skills include responding to an uncontrolled feet first ascent, a free flowing inflator, gaining neutral buoyancy, safety stops without using a line, and what you should do if your suit floods. Rolling out of an inverted position and regaining your buoyancy becomes very easy for you with practice. Another extra skill that you will practice is the recovery of a dislodged regulator.

With drysuits and their undersuits being slightly bulkier that the wetsuit you may have previously used it is good to get into the practice of exaggerating the sweeps to recover your regulator and continue breathing again and other basic scuba skills, which you learnt during your initial course.

All eventualities are fully covered and rehearsed until you are comfortable with them and can perform them all confidently in all underwater conditions. The DRYSUIT Course like all courses at Puffin Dive Centre is skill based not time based; information and skills will be repeated until mastery is achieved.

Linking your drysuit course back to back with any of our other PADI core or specialty courses quickly builds up your experience and will bring you closer to the rating of Master Scuba Diver. Now that being cold underwater has been almost eliminated you may wish to enrol in the Deep Diver Specialty to enjoy the deeper dives, (18m-40m), available to you or the Enriched Air Diver to extend your bottom times now that you are more comfortable underwater for a longer period of time. With the largest range of Specialty Courses available in the U.K. you are guaranteed to find one that you are interested in at Puffin Dive Centre.

With wind chill playing a major part between dives when diving from a RIB you will immediately feel the benefits of your training as you dive with us on our twice-daily dive trips. Now you are much warmer as you travel between dive sites ready for another 'dry' dive. Courses are run regularly and can be timed to suit your available time where needed.

1. After your course, stay current with new drysuit diving procedures and techniques
2. Know your equipment and emergency procedures.
3. Practice your Drysuit skills under controlled conditions until they become second nature
4. Dive with a buddy who understands your Drysuit System
5. Use the correct amount of insulation for the water temperature you are diving in and your exercise rate.
6. Check your valves, zipper and seals prior to each dive.
7. Clean your suit and valves after every dive and store your suit properly. Check for leaks. Have your suit serviced annually by a qualified repair technician.

If you simply want some advice on your best options for the type of diving you enjoy do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our Instructors who will ensure that you get a full understanding of all your options and what will suit your requirements for the maximum benefit.


REQUIRED WATER MATERIALS - Not Included in the Price

AIR/GAS (All courses contain the gratis option of extra experience dives)
KIT HIRE (Kit hire for Gratis post course diving is Zero charge)

1) Enter your preferred start date in the box above a confirmation email will follow!

2) (we have added the Air fill costs £5 per dive)

3) Do you require kit hire? please select yes, the price is £55.00 per day.




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