Your first and possibly most important step into the Professional level of PADI is the PADI DIVEMASTER Course. Your skills become tuned to demonstration standard and your theory knowledge is increased to a level that enables you to pass on the knowledge to others.

The course addresses attitudes and judgements, making decisions as a DIVEMASTER are based on variables, sometimes under circumstances, which are not black and white.

At Puffin Dive Centre you get the best of tuition in a thoroughly Professional environment with all the training aids and tools required for diving in this country.

Exemplary diving skills - The Divemasters' skills can be used as demonstration for student

Rescue skills - The Divemaster can prevent and manage accidents, and role model rescue
skills for student divers in training.

Professional level knowledge of dive theory -Depth of theoretical knowledge goes hand
in hand with expertise and professionalism. This is the foundation for the problem solving
and creativity in the Divemasters' duties, and for subsequent growth as a PADI Assistant

Competence as a certified assistant - PDC/PADI Divemasters know how to support instruction by handling logistical, supervisory and limited educational duties under an instructors' supervision.

Dive management and supervision abilities -Divemasters accept appropriate, limited responsibility for certified divers within the context of leading or managing diving activities. This requires good people skills and good judgement along with strong working knowledge of dive environments and activities. The Divemaster assists the dive operation with risk management.

Ethical role model behaviour -Divemasters are expected to display common honesty and courtesy, and follow accepted, responsible dive practices. Their behaviour reflects well on them, the dive operation for which they work, and the PADI organisation.

Enthusiasm and fun -People learn to dive for the excitement, adventure and challenge. They look to Divemasters to assist them in having fun within their interests and skill levels. The Divemaster assists with the dive community's diver retention efforts. As a certified Divemaster, you may supervise and assist with both training and non-training activities in a variety of environments. Divemasters are employed to help with classes as well as lead guided dive tours off boats or the shore.

Becoming a Professional member of PADI you also enjoy the benefits of the largest recreational diving organisation in the world with over 6 million members and 3000 Dive Centres and Resorts worldwide.

At Puffin Dive Centre you get the best of tuition in a thoroughly Professional environment with all the training aids and tools required for diving in this country. The course is modular; one of the modules is water skills and stamina. During this module all the skills you have learnt since your Open Water course will be practised and polished to demonstration quality. This not only sets a good example to others that you may dive with in the future but it also makes you a valuable part of a team for assisting an Instructor with PADI courses. Skills are assessed and scored from 1-5. You will be taught and shown the Puffin Dive Centre methodology of skill demonstration giving real life and practical teaching techniques. Divemasters are also evaluated for their stamina and level of fitness.

All three of Puffin Dive Centres' resident Course Directors have received extremely impressive results from their own courses and have internationally applauded dive skills. Skills, which are performed well, are not only enjoyable to watch but are also easier for your student to perform and see what is required. Other modules cover the academic portion of the course. Subjects covered include The Role of the Divemaster, Supervising General Diving Activities, Assisting Student Divers in Training, Physics, Physiology, General Skills and The Environment, Dive Equipment, The Recreational Dive Planner, Divemaster Conducted Programs, Risk Management, The Business of Diving and Your Diving Career. With the use of the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, the Diving Knowledge Workbook and the other course required manuals all students get a firm grasp of the theories behind our sport that can answer all questions a student may direct towards them. In addition to the academic subjects covered you will share in PADIs' educational philosophy and the PADI system of further education.

The practical application module in the course applies all your skills and knowledge in a series of practical training exercises which are designed to simulate all the areas of practical Divemastering and give you a solid foundation to build your experience of working with and supervising other divers both in-training and during recreational dives. At Puffin Dive Centre all these scenarios are made as realistic as possible using genuine sea dive sites, boats and in conditions that you are likely to encounter during your future in diving.
Puffin Dive Centres' aim is to improve the Divemasters' overall water skills, academic and practical knowledge, not just for the centre based Divemasters but for all whether teaching is the final objective or not. The practical knowledge sessions are unique to Puffin Dive Centre and cover all aspects of a working dive centre from inside management to bottle filling and much more sets you up for Instructor level courses in the future.

The course is designed to ensure that you can act professionally in all diving circumstances. This makes the course challenging, stimulating and definitely fun. With your Instructors playing the role of the students and you playing the role of the Divemaster, you must be prepared for any eventuality; almost anything could happen (and usually does). You will be well prepared for this having gone through the course and studied all of the modules leaving you now to go into the world of the Professional Diver with the excellent training that you have received to act as a Role-Model for all to see.

During the first section of the course some time is put aside for equipment presentation and set-up. This incorporates aspects of equipment set-up including streamlining, octopus position and ease of use.

Course Prerequisites - to qualify to enter the PDC/PADI DIVEMASTER Course you must:-
1.Be certified as a PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER Diver or equivalent
2.Be certified as a PADI RESCUE Diver or equivalent.
3.Have completed and logged at least 40 dives.
4.Be at least 18 years old at the start of the training.
5.Submit medical clearance for diving signed by a physician with in the last 12 months.
Please ask a member of the teaching staff for specific questions relating to crossovers from other organisations.


1) Enter your preferred start date in the box below a confirmation email will follow!

2) Please select one of the three options (we have added the Air fill costs £5 per dive)

3) Do you require kit hire? please select yes, the price is £55.00 per day.



Individuals who select the executive divemaster course will benefit from the enhanced tuition and 1 on 1 presentations. This allows adequate time to study and develop student needs especially when students have not been involved in study for some time. Some of the key features are shown below.

Extra tuition where required
Extra in-water tuition
Boat Diver module
Shore Cover module
Drysuit and skills tuition
1 on 1 training

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