The car park at Puffin Dive Centre is provided for the use of our customers. It is only for the duration of the current activity unless payment has been made for an extended duration which must be by arrangement.

Customers are responsible for their vehicles at all times and PDC accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to visitors vehicles howsoever caused.

Parking should use the facility tidily to maximise the use for other users with trailers detached and parked at the North side on the grass and vehicles predominantly on the side nearest the shop and sectioned.

Trailers being prepared for launch should not block the access ways to the water or parking. PDC reserves the right for immediate access at all times for operational or emergency activities.#

Heavy equipment drop can be utilised to the pontoon or pier and vehicles should be returned to the main car park as soon as the transfer is completed. Avoid blocking the fuel facility during this process.

Speed should be kept to 5MPH or less.

Chalet parking is provided gratis and several parking places adjoining the chalets are available. Guests should avoid parking on the road or in the bell mouth to neighbouring properties