Launch and Recovery

Puffin Dive Centre has a slipway usable at virtually all states of tide. The use of the slipway is provided on a gratis basis to divers who are using (and paying for) other services such as accommodation, boat trips, courses and air. Other users (or users who do not fall into the above definition of a paying diver) should confirm with the shop and make payment for the use. The use (and payment) covers a single use ie one launch and one recovery. A receipt will be issued for this transaction and should be retained for production on request.

Care should be taken by users to ensure that divers and hazards are observed by the use of a marshaller. The responsibility for the use is with the driver/boat owner. The use of the slipway on a gratis or paying basis is on the express understanding that Puffin Dive Centre is allowing the use on the basis that the user is competent to assess the slipway and launch conditions, is experienced in the process and will only use the launch facility if they are satisfied with it's condition and that all other conditions are acceptable.

Puffin Dive Centre can provide a launch and recovery service for trailers for boats within the rating of the PDC tow vehicle. This service is available during working hours subject to availability.

Users should be aware that the width of the slipway is for standard trailers driven by a competent individual with experience of launching etc. The slipway is subject to the plant deposits which may occur from time to time and users are specifically advised of the slippery nature of this growth. Vehicles can be connected by rope of the correct values to avoid the vehicle entering the water however trailers should be in good condition and set up suitably to accept this option. Note: not all trailers and their loads are balanced - care should be taken to avoid a see-saw type action during any launch where the load (boat) can tilt the trailer especially when the trailer has been disconnected from the tow vehicle.

When the boat exits the trailer the ropes or individuals controlling the launch should ensure that any divers operating in the shallows are given priority for their safety. Boats ordinarily will be attached by rope to the pier and pulled to a safe location for engine starting etc.

Any use of powered vessels within 100 metres of these facilities should be with the understanding that PDC is primarily a Dive Centre and therefore always has the potential for undeclared divers to be in the water. Some of which may be of an inexperienced level and can make locational mistakes as well as inadvertent errors with dive conduct. Treat divers and the area as a hazard at all times and keep boat speeds to a trolling speed (3MPH) or less until well clear of the centre. Assume divers in the water even if they or their bubbles are not visible as weather conditions can disguise bubbles or Rebreather use can allow diving with zero visible bubbles. Although SMB use is advised there are many situations where this use becomes impractical especially in the shallows where some training takes place. The shop can advise you and will assist if possible