Kit Rental

Equipment Rental - B040/0108

Puffin Dive Centre can provide rental equipment for short or long term requirements. The HIRE PERIOD is for 24 hours or multiples and items should be returned within the agreed period of hire. Late returns will incur additional days hire unless agreed in advance.

Equipment can only be rented to certified divers and trainees must have their kit rental counter signed by a qualified scuba instructor. The kit should be thoroughly checked on receipt and before water entry as responsibility for correct use rests with the diver and or their instructor. Misuse, inability to use correctly or subsequent damage resulting is the responsibility of the hirer. When the kit is issued the Puffin Dive Centre staff member will ensure that you check certain specific details on the equipment namely collar and cuffs for wear or damage. Gauges and mouthpieces for wear along with fin straps etc. These items should only be accepted if in good condition as a charge will be made for replacement or repair should they be returned in less than good condition.

We accept that from time to time small accidents occur and we will judge on merit at our discretion, however the equipment is of good quality, only issued after having been well serviced allowing the price to be kept to a very reasonable level due to our successful policy of only charging the individual who DAMAGES the item rather than a blanket charge to everyone else. Very fair!

LOSS OF EQUIPMENT is very rare and should this occur the replacement value is an obligation by the hirer, rates shown on the hire list.

Puffin Dive Centre runs courses specifically dealing with Drysuits and equipment. Ask in the shop for more details and a brochure.