As a PADI Career Development Centre, one of only a handful in the UK and the only fully operational centre in the UK to hold the PADI Gold Palm Resort Award. Puffin Dive Centre has gained recognition for its' excellence in diver training through all levels, from beginner to all levels of Instructor.

The Professional level of Instruction and Service at Puffin Dive Centre is second to none and gives you the best example as your role model for your INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT Course.Having chosen to complete the PADI I.D.C. you are joining the worlds finest Professional Instructors in recreational diving and are taking that vital step forward from your Divemaster, or Assistant Instructor and your training and experience to a level where you too can instruct and certify PADI students and continue to build your instructional portfolio and experience.

At Puffin Dive Centre we not only look at the teaching aspect of becoming a professional instructor we will also give you a clear understanding of how to successfully market and recruit students for all your courses through the PADI continuing education system to make you and your business as successful as possible. The level of Open Water Scuba Instructor is an important start point for most employing dive operations where the teaching of recreational Scuba takes place. Over the years there have been many attempts to increase the numbers of Scuba Instructors available including the governments NVQ Scheme and the provision of extremely low cost funded courses. As with all packages that revolve around "the free lunch" principle, they eventually come to grief.

Puffin Dive Centre has avoided completely these "opportunities" and has concentrated on teaching diving to instructors with the intention of insuring the instructors become self sufficient in their capabilities and in their business plans. This significant difference is apparent in the work requirements and methodology that Puffin Dive Centre apply on a mandatory basis to all of our courses. This thoroughness may not suit all applicants and as Puffin Dive Centre vet applicants it may be in turn that an application to have a course at Puffin Dive Centre is turned down for experience or other reasons. The individuals that successfully complete our course, genuinely have a superior edge and are on the whole, career capable individuals who have created for themselves, by choosing Puffin Dive Centre, a golden opportunity for lasting success. Successful and efficient use of the PADI system of diver education is fundamental to your success within the diving industry. This applies whether you intend to work part time, full time, for a dive centre or within your own business. Relating to and expanding upon, your previous experience you will develop not only your knowledge of the PADI system of diver education, but focus on the projection of the optimum methods of conveying the most appropriate diving practices and standards. You will look at some of the areas of continuing education, particularly the lucrative specialty market and other general aspects of the diving business. You will cover the Approved Code of Practice and the laws relating to the diving business and the systems. Standards and procedures laid down by PADI which partially ensure that all PADI courses, instructors and centres are of a common standard, are translated and examined to ensure that their meaning is not overlooked or understated. You will examine these together with the legal requirements to ensure that your working procedures meet both the expectations and needs of your students. Those instructors that can progress and excel will inevitably earn more and usually stand out by being awarded higher status.

Covering all of the courses available to you as an Open Water Scuba Instructor you get the experience of teaching a section of each course and the in-water skills related to each of these. As in the ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR Course you will be assigned academic sessions to prepare and teach. With all candidates sitting in on the presentations you will learn from the points given on evaluation to everyone including your own presentations. These presentations are taken from the Open Water Course with one M.L.G. to be presented. Lasting approximately 10 minutes your presentation skills will develop and improve vastly. With the aid of all the latest teaching technology, PADI training aids and the excellent level of instruction at Puffin Dive Centre you are fully supported in preparing the lessons and have all the necessary equipment to present it to a very high standard.

There is also the need for the Open Water Scuba Instructor to teach and demonstrate the skills required of the confined sessions of the Open Water Course to a standard where the student can clearly understand the practice and master the techniques shown. These skills will be allocated to you throughout the course for you to present to your 'students' during your course. With the aid of the Aquatic Cue Cards, Confined Water Slates, and the Waterproof Skills Sheets at Puffin Dive Centre your presentation will flow Professionally in our training areas. Clear, slow, confident demonstrations will be the key to your future students' success on their Open Water Course as they then copy all the skills that you have shown them in confined water and open water dives.

As an Open Water Student will progress to the open water dives, so must the Open Water Scuba Instructor. During this vital phase of your course you are given skills to assess in the scenario of an Open Water Course. Aiding you in this are the Aquatic Cue Cards for the open water dives and the experience of your Staff Instructors and Course Directors.

By now your skills and your knowledge of the PADI standards will be excellent. Evaluating your 'students' and spotting and rectifying their mistakes become second nature to you. You watch out for all the typical and most common problems as you will have been taught during the course and almost without having to think about them you will be able to correct the student. During your course at Puffin Dive Centre we can arrange your accommodation for you. Puffin Dive Centre offers selfcatering accommodation to all its students so you can relax and study for your next day's presentations in the company of other divers who also wish to progress their education. The course builds you into one of the best and most Professional Instructors in Scuba Diving today, the PADI OPEN WATER SCUBA INSTRUCTOR (OWSI).

With recreational diving growing at an enormous rate you may wish a full time or a part time career in the industry. With the support of PADI and ventures such as its placement scheme you will never be short of opportunities worldwide.

With our excellent pass rate we give you the best Professional Advice possible before, during and after your course. The OWSI certification is only the beginning of the Instructor ladder within PADI. As you wish to further your abilities you may wish to enrol on the EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUCTOR Course, essential for teaching a full Rescue Diver programme.

Flexibility and a range of skills is the key to a successful career as a Professional Diving Instructor in the UK and overseas. In being able to offer a variety of training courses to all levels of diver you further your own employment prospects and business potential.

With 5 PADI Instructor Specialties you gain the certification of MASTER SCUBA DIVER TRAINING (MSDT) showing recognition of your continued support of the PADI system and progression up the instructor ladder through continuing your education. Initially concentrating on the specialties that offer you the most income potential you will be able to offer these courses to all levels of diver from within PADI and from other organisations Going beyond MSDT you move on to your STAFF INSTRUCTORS Course during which you sit in on and evaluate instructor candidates in their IDC performances in their micro lessons, confined and open water sessions. Having finally gained this level you will be in a position to teach on an IDC again increasing your potential income.

Your enthusiasm and professionalism as a Diving Instructor, and your attitude toward continuing to move through the PADI system will rub off onto your future students as they see you progress and gain new skills they too will want to gain further experience through the PADI core courses and also the many specialty areas available to them. Talk to one of our Course Directors today for a detailed schedule for you. The price of success is more than just the course cost in pounds - it is a contribution from you of attitude and application and from us a successful and powerful programme.

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