Gallanach Reef

Map of Gallanach Reef, Puffin Dive Centre Oban

Gallanach reef is an easy shore dive located at Puffin Dive Centre. The reef is accessible at all states of tides with an average depth of 10mtrs. A great shore dive for entry level diving or testing new kit. 

Optimum Dive States: Can be dived at all states of tide. High tides bring easiest access and clearest waters.

Recommended Minimum Qualification: Entry level dive site. Sheltered bay and shallow depths when keeping south.

Important Ancillary Equipment: SMB is recommended although the A-flag covers the dive area.

Description: A large granite rock from the seabed at 9mtrs to 1.5mtrs to the top – a nice wall with abundant life and sheltered waters. A good dive site target for navigation dives.  

Transit Location: From the slipway directly west. Take a bearing looking at the white house on Kerrera island directly across the water. Reach the 8mtr contour and follow in the south direction until you hit the reef.

Popular Route: Keep the reef on your left and follow the outside of the wall until wanting to return home.

Areas of Interest: Far end of the reef has plenty areas for finding large edible crab and scallops.

Silt Hazard: Silty bottom with sandy areas – keep good buoyancy off the bottom to reduce silt blow up.

Sea Life Usually Abundant: Octopus, Edible Crab, Hermit Crab, Dog fish, Scallops, Sea Urchin, Star fish

Sea Life Expected: Pipe fish, Nudibranch, Squat Lobster

Sea Life Possible: Conger Eel, Lobster, Sea Mouse