Film & Media

Our experience is based on over 30 years of diving and working with the the film industry. Our Diving Supervisors are here to manage risk to allow productions to work on/under/around water sites and create a safe working environment.

As a fully certified commercial diving team we specialise in operations around and under water. We follow the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and relevant Media Approved Codes of Practice.  


Film/Project Name Activity Film/Project Company
Entrapment U/W Safety, Equipment 20th Century Fox
Enigma Boats, U/W safety Intermedia
A Mug's Game Boat Safety, Diving BBC Scotland
999 (Mini - Ladies Trapped)  Diving, U/W Safety BBC
Wreck Detectives Boat, U/W Safety Channel Four
Escape from Experiment Island Boat Safety, Stunt Discovery Channel USA
Rockface Boat Safety, Stunt Union Pictures Limited
World of Moss - My Life So Far Diving, Safety, Boat Enigma
Rob Roy Equipment Union Pictures Limited
Braveheart Equipment Union Pictures Limited
Weekender TV Training The Travel Channel
Bjork - music video Boat Safety, Diving Bjork
Viking Production  Boat Safety The History Channel
On a Clear Day Diving, Boat Safety Baker Street
Harry Potter III Boat Safety, Logistics Warner Brothers
Harry Potter IV Boat Safety, Logistics Warner Brothers
Parahandy Boat Safety, Equipment BBC Scotland
Amstal Lite Beer Advert Diving, Stunt, Safety Motion Advertising
Omnibus - Mick Jagger Boat, Safety Channel Four
Alistair Campbell Documentary Safety BBC
Hallam Foe Boat Safety, Diving, Stunt Sigma Films
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Boat Safety, Stunt MOD
Islands of Britain Safety, Equipment ITV
Coast Boat, Safety, Equipment BBC
Three Hungry Boys Boat, U/W Safety, Equipment KEO North
The Truth Behind... The Loch Ness Monster Diving, U/W Videography National Geographoc
Go! Explore! Diver Training, U/W Videography BBC Alba
Silent Storm Boat, U/W Safety, Equipment Silent Storm Productions
Outlander II Boat, Safety, Equipment Amazon Prime
Outlander III Boat, Safety, Stunt, Extras Amazon Prime
Grant Tour - with Sir Chris Hoy Boat, Safety, Equipment  Amazon Prime
Grand Tour - with Tim Burton Boat, U/W safety, U/W stunt Amazon Prime
Marionette U/W Safety, Stunt, Extras Mountainandwatersafety