Equipment Repair

All Puffin Dive Centre repairs have a 100% guarantee of Satisfaction. As with all work carried out by Puffin Dive Centre we will stand by our quality and if for whatever reason the quality is not up to standard, we will repair or replace at our option. 
To ease frequent repairs into the system and ensure continuity, Puffin Dive Centre records your repair and details for at least 4 years. Completion is usually within 5 days unless otherwise stated. In most cases repairs are ready within 2 or 3 days. Note that extreme repairs or where users have attempted their own repairs, extra time may be taken. The price quoted will be based on the initial estimate and may not reflect the maximum unless all extras are agreed and specified, which is often not possible until the job is carried out.

Puffin Dive Centre Technical Services are recognised by all the main training agencies and all of the Premium Dive Equipment manufacturers for offering a world-class service. Our staff members have many years of diving experience and are aware of the need for equipment to perform well in the range of circumstances the recreational diver will encounter. 
Stock of spare parts is computer controlled for all of the Premium products sold ensuring fast turn around times and if required, for a small charge, immediately. Diving equipment has very specific requirements for repair and servicing. Many items are actually life support equipment and must be serviced accordingly.

Puffin Dive Centre's comprehensive workshop has tools and machinery for work on all aspects of dive equipment. All services are carried out with factory specification kits. Essential cleaning agents, lubricants and compounds are part of the service price. Professional and amateur divers demand diving equipment that can meet a range of conditions, however you should be aware that the factory setting may be different to the "feel" that you are used to. We can adjust further within set parameters subject to you specifying prior to the technician setting. Your equipment will be accurately set within stringent factory required standards for performance and durability.

Please request a free quotation for your repair or if the repair is uneconomical a replacement may attract a credit against your old item! 
A Comprehensive range of repairs are carried out by PDC however where repairs can only be carried out by a manufacturer or the technician requires a return the postage and packing charges are charged automatically to the customer for this service.