Emergency Work

Emergency Work

Puffin Dive Centre provides coverage in response to requests from members of the public, HMCG and commercial organisations to provide fast response to developing or occurred situation. The nature of the Puffin Dive Centre's staffing generally allows for full capability trained individuals with quite often a teaching capability. This instructional qualification benefits from the practical experience that can be gained on emergency commercial work. On the other hand, it ensures that whilst the practical experience is being gained, a defined work practice and excellent theoretical knowledge provide benefits to the client.Entering a Fish Farm

Diver at Fish Farm NetBoat, diver and experience form our fast response teams, allowing mobilisation of diving teams and rapid transit to the working site in above average time. Our boats are usually 35 knot plus super RIB's, which in many situations give a commercial edge to our service.

Damage can occur quite rapidly if unchecked and the ability to rectify holes in fish farm nets, or remove rope from the propeller of drifting vessels quickly results in significant savings to the client. If we cannot respond, we will make this clear in short time allowing alternatives to be sought by the client and if we can respond, we will give time estimates that can be relied upon.

Dive Teams conform to the HSE ACOP relating to Commercial Diving Projects, inland/inshore and comply with the diving at work regulations 1997. Usually, the practical application comprises of a four plus man team, supervisor, standby, diver and tender, plus extras as required for driving and size of project. Full U/W communications and required equipment with practical application to the risk assessment, which will be prepared by staff on site.


Boat Compliance MCA Registered Full safety carried
Diving Compliance HSE Pt IV - or Higher DWR 1997
Staff Compliance RYA, HSE Coastal Skipper/ FAW



Generally, a one hour mobilisation and a response average of sea miles, of one every 3 minutes. Type of work carried out includes bow thruster ingestion removal, net emergency repair, seal removal, lost asset recovery, rope and propeller fouling recovery and various other diving survey activities.

Emergency Net Repair
Propeller Foul
Mooring Repair
Mooring Survey
Recovery of Asset
Hull Survey
U/W Pressure Wash
Seabed Site Survey
Video Survey

Puffin Dive Centre will attend yacht and similar vessels on an emergency basis for a fixed agreed fee, providing anode and hull inspection, propeller foul removal and video survey of moorings etc. Hull in water cleaning for racing and performance enhancement.

Propeller Foul Removal
Recovery of Asset
Insurance Video
Vessel Recovery
Anode Replacement
Damage Assessment
Survey of Hull and Fittings
Survey of Moorings
Laying of Moorings
Pontoon Repair and Mooring


Puffin Dive Centre will charge a daily rate for a HSE Pt IV, insured and equipped team. For commercial customers within a 25 mile radius of Puffin Dive Centre a charge for the boat will be optional depending on the circumstances of the call out. The operational time on site is intended for the situation to be rectified at the most practical and beneficial level and the work when complete constitutes the end of the job. It is not for practical reasons relevant or beneficial for the employer to "top up" the day with low level activities. The day includes time allowed for travel (which will be charged at actuals) mobilisation and demobilisation.

Private customers and employers will be charged on a similar basis, but will have the rate applied at a higher level, however the fee will be pro-rata and will be subject to agreement on a time only basis due to the (usually) smaller scale of the emergency.

For cost reasons, it is always practical to obtain an estimate at the outset and whilst we will endeavour to accurately forecast the task allocated may have unforeseen complications for which any additional time or equipment required will be charged for as appropriate.

Insurance details - Please see insurance page and discuss with PDC management prior to activity or task