EFR Instructor

EFR Instructor
The EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUCTOR Course provides qualified individuals with the additional training necessary to teach EFR Primary and Secondary Care First Aid and EFR Care For Children courses. This Puffin Dive Centre instructor program will not only build on your skills as Primary and Secondary Care providers but focus on developing your instructional abilities. With a combination of independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments you will learn how to conduct the entire EFR program.
With the Professionally set up classrooms and instruction at Puffin Dive Centre, the back up from the modern
teaching systems and the user friendly teaching aids from PADI your courses and the courses you teach in the
future are extremely rewarding and very enjoyable. The EFR Course offers you the flexibility of teaching not only divers but also the general public of all ages vital first aid skills.

The EFR INSTRUCTOR Course will focus on familiarisation with the EFR program philosophy and structure.
During your course you will cover the systems and procedures as laid down to teach the courses and the standards required to ensure that you professionally present the EFR Course to all of your students. The course contains classroom sessions DVD sections and practical "real time" demonstrations. Upon successful completion (75% or higher) of the Instructor exam you will qualify as an EFR Instructor.

Course goals:-
1) Understand the EFR program, structure, requirements and procedures.
2) Familiarisation with EFR program philosophy of and preparation to teach courses that are low stress, performance based and student centred.
3) Refine primary and secondary care skills to a role model level.
4) Provide practical suggestions for organisation and marketing of own EFR courses.
5) Encourage candidates to be active EFR Instructors and use skills to train others in the community.

At Puffin Dive Centre we will also give advice and guidance on how to effectively market and recruit students for
both these courses increasing not only your employment possibilities but also your income potential whether you
work full or part time within the diving industry. The classroom sessions of the EFR INSTRUCTOR Course are divided into easy to follow modules like all PADI courses and you will be assigned to present and demonstrate a section of these modules to your Instructor Trainer and the other course candidates.

Rotating your class efficiently from the roles of victim to rescuer and then as the coach reading the steps from the student participant manual you quickly get into the routine of the lessons. CONFIDENCE
With evaluations being given for all sessions you learn from the experience of others in addition to your own
presentations. Your own proficiency and confidence in your own clear, detailed demonstrations will show your professionalism above all others and your future students will work hard to copy your example within all their skills. Recommended materials such as an Automated External Defibrillators (AED), Automated Defibrillator (AED) training kit and Oxygen Kit can be purchased separately and requirements for these items should be notified in advance of the course date. Your demonstration skills will be practised and built to a very high standard as the course progresses until they have become clear and detailed for any student to be able to follow, copy and then practise until the skills have become almost second nature to them.

Your own abilities and attitude toward all of the scenarios involved will determine how well your students react
towards the scenarios they are given and also how well they take in all the information acquired during the course. Your EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUCTOR Course will give all the necessary time to learn the procedures for running a successful EFR Courses and will also build your own knowledge and experience of all the vital components and First Aid techniques, which you will be teaching to others in the future.

With the course being available to all members of the public you must now remember that as a EFR Instructor you should not channel your efforts at divers alone. A large market place exists for this type of course and successful Instructors are able to teach within both the public and private sector. For instance, all businesses require a First Aider when staff levels exceed a minimum number.

During the course you will gain the skills and marketing knowledge to be able to provide this course to divers and their families. Even someone who is always left as shore cover could some day benefit from the skills taught on the course in addition to Boat Skippers, other Instructors, your Dive Masters and many more. Every one of your students is a potential student for this interesting and very active course.

Being completely classroom based this course can be very effectively be marketed during the winter months when or if diving is slowing down in your area and combining it with EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE you get double the input and double the interest from your students who will now be more likely to want to progress through the PADI system to RESCUE DIVER and beyond.

With all the benefits of a thoroughly and Professionally run EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUCTOR Course at Puffin Dive Centre you are now more experienced with a range of teaching skills that will allow you to certify students in Emergency First Response, promote RESCUE and DIVEMASTER Courses to certified divers and promote entry level courses to members of the general public who come along for the vital skills you can now teach. For more advice on your best option and dates for the next available courses call us at Puffin Dive Centre.

To enrol in an EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUCTOR Training Course, an individual must:
1. Have completed a sanctioned course in adult and child /infant CPR within the past 24 months.
2. Have completed a sanctioned course in basic first aid within the past 24 months.
3. Be 18 years of age

During this course, Instructor candidates will be required to make presentations and deliver to instructor quality at least some of the modules referred to in the various manuals. Presentation standard and delivery of the topic concerned, forms part of the evaluative components of the course. The Course Directors reserve the right to refuse to certify, if in their Professional Opinion, the delivery of the assigned component fails to achieve the necessary bench mark assessment. Whilst remedial tuition will be provided where appropriate this is solely at the discretion of Puffin Dive Centre, who reserves the right to charge when remediation of the Instructor Skills exceeds the allocated course time. Puffin Dive Centre provides a range of Instructional Courses specialising in the Personal Development of candidates and providing tuition and marketing capability.

DURATION: 2 days
EFRI Application Extra @ Actual
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