Commercial Diving Courses

Professional & Commercial diving careers start with Puffin Dive Centre's HSE Scuba Diver Courses & Surface Supplied Training. Learn techniques for Full Face Mask & Helmet use in open water in real conditions. 

Courses operate every month & fast track options available for divers with prior experience. Select the above options for full course details or call us now & speak to one of our diving supervisors who are here to help you make the correct diving career options.

What is diving at work?

Diving is the means of getting to and from a worksite and carrying out tasks. These tasks may be part of a wide range of industry from civil engineering to archaeology. Potential working divers should ideally already possess the technical skills that are relevant to the job. For example, construction workers may require welding qualifications, while divers involved in an archaeology project may require a degree in archaeology. You need to have both the diving skills and work skills that employers want.

Career options

There are different types of working divers, each demanding different skills and competencies. These include specific training for your area of requirement:

  • Inshore Commercial projects - Inland / Inshore Diving, for example, Mooring or hull surveys
  • Fish Farm & Shellfish Diving -  marine-related projects and fish farming.
  • Scientific Research Requirements - Scientific and Archaeological Diving in support of scientific research and education, and archaeological investigation of sites of historic interest.
  • Film & Media - Media Diving in support of film or TV productions which require divers to work as stunt performers, journalists, presenters, photographers, camera operators, sound and lighting technicians, and unit crews.
  • Recreational Diving involving the instruction and guiding of recreational divers.


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