Career Opportunities

Puffin Dive Centre has a permanent staff throughout the year insuring that the centre is able to fully function as a multi-activity dive centre and carry out all of the necessary diver training, administration, boat activity and boat training, mechanical, commercial training and commercial activities. A number of the roles are duel purpose and are intentionally so, to enable more specialist areas to be retained. The core activities are maintained throughout the year and are referred to as prime. Secondary activities are supplemental to staff members activities and although kept available and up to date, will only be used should the need arise out of season.

Prior to the start of the main season, staff are recruited to carry out perceived needs consistent with planning and strategy for the year. Late applicants are kept on file should a vacancy occur.

Puffin Dive Centre has full activity throughout the year, however the foot fall and customer traffic increases dramatically during the period of the end of April to the end of September each year. This traffic peaks usually around school holidays.

The table below shows the departments at Puffin Dive Centre and shows the prime activities that the individuals role would include. It should be noted that the individuals that hold these positions, may have done so for a number of years and in doing so have acquired more skills that shown against their position. Staff have the option at review time to request alternate activities and training.

Job Title  Qualifications   Department Availability Accom Contract
Repairs & Equipment DM/AI.OWSI RATS 01/04/24 Yes 1 Year
Divemaster RD+ PDC DT 01/04/24 Yes 6 Months renewable
Spec. Instructor OWSI PDC DT 01/04/24 Yes 6 Months renewable
PDC eShop Staff RD+ Shop 01/02/24 Yes 6 Months renewable

The above positions and details are for illustrative purposes and reflect positions currently at PDC

Puffin Dive Centre operates a detailed management and organisational system comprising of full department manuals, defining most aspects of work assignments. These assignments are trained for and when training is complete an individuals internal qualification list is updated allowing the individual to participate in and receive where appropriate recompense for activities carried out to the specified level. Improvements and adjustments can be made to the system, provided discussion and agreement has been received. In other words, alternative working practices should not be assumed as acceptable, regardless of how successful they may have appeared to be.