Boat Diving

The West Coast of Scotland is home to some of the most spectacular diving in the UK. Puffin Dive Centre based just outside Oban is a perfect gateway and a logical start point for diving trips.

THE URCHIN is a twin jet powered catamaran capable of speeds of up to 20 knots and cruising at around 8 knots. Jet propulsion virtually eliminates the risk of propeller injury to divers. The Urchin employs two powerful BMW engines, ensuring redundancy in the unlikely event of failure.

Managed from the bridge, THE URCHIN is equipped with GPS, radar, VHF, echo sounder and phone. Full MSA and DOT certification with independent inspection ensure full compliance with our registration and insurance for 12 divers and 4 crew. Category 3 allows the Urchin to operate up to 20 miles from safe heaven and for night operations.

For passengers comfort seating in the enclosed saloon area with ample space in the under seat wet dive lockers. All your diving equipment has a wet and dry storage area.

Urchin has fitted Galley providing endless supplies of tea and coffee. Time permitting, a light snack is available at the start of the day and for lunchtime a further light snack of a salad or baked potato variety is available. Divers are encouraged to bring their own supplementary or alternative food if they require extra or special diets. During some of the trips carried out by the Urchin stops can be made at various locations to enjoy the scenery.

When weather permits, relaxing on the deck, chatting in the bridge, or snoozing in the saloon area, makes for a great and enjoyable day.

After your dive, entering the boat couldn't be easier. The Urchin being a catamaran drives slowly over the top of you as you swim between the two hulls and follow the rope to the unique ladder at the moon pool on the rear deck.

Puffin can provide accommodation during your stay in our self-catering waterfront chalets or in our Oban town house. After the days diving some divers may wish to have extra dives or night dives from the Urchin. These should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment, or can be booked at the start of the day.

Full kit hire is available all the year round from Puffin Dive Centre. Weights and tanks can also be hired for the duration of your trip. Most divers prefer to fill and check their own fills however an option of having tanks filled by Puffin Dive Centre staff at the end of your day and loaded back on the Urchin ready for you to depart the next morning is available.

Check dates and book now - email - or call us 01631 566088