Job Applications


After completion, please send your application to: if you have been in discussion with a staff member address to that staff member.


Click on the link and download our Application form. This will allow you to expand any answers and give a full explanation to fulfil completion. You can then save the document you have created. This can be emailed back to us. You can then send your email with your C.V as either an attachment or copy. You will still have the saved document and if need be can view or paste directly onto any additional emails or amend should answers change.

You may wish to add other attachments to the email including your personal statement, maybe your own original C.V (you may have a prepared C.V already) and/or any other details that you felt were not appropriate to show in the answer blocks in the PDC style C.V that you prepared. A photograph in a diving mode (water)  and non diving mode (just you with full face visible). Also any general identification attachments you may wish to attach including but not limited to your passport, driving licence, certification cards etc.


It is important that you are suited to the position advertised. By giving more detail on your application, it ensures that even if your application does not match specifically the position advertised, consideration for an alternative position or retention pending an alternative or similar position can be assured. Please try to give maximum information. Obviously as a diving company, we are primarily interested in diving related activities, however we have a full range of other activities, which include mechanical, shop related, admin and boat positions, which include some personnel who have little or no diving experience. Whether you are applying with or without diving experience, please show your other experience for completeness of understanding.

The above completion of the CV allows us to assess your computer skills which may be relevant to the position you are applying for. If you do not have computer skills or sufficient tools to prepare your application in the style requested submit your name and phone number and we can discuss alternative methods of transferring your details. Not all applicants are computer trained and it may be that you are provided with computer training or at least sufficient computer training in your position here at PDC should you be successful during your interview.