Air Panel Open Times

Compressed air is available from the self service panel between the times shown below or by arrangement prior.

Winter 07:00-20:00 Summer 07:00-22:00

The panel will supply compressed air to a maximum pressure of 232 bar from A-clamp and DIN fit adaptors. Users can bring their own DIN adaptor. A SINGLE tank of any size (ie: 3, 10, 12, 15, 18 L) can be filled from the panel for £5.00 regardless of current pressure. Any 232 tanks twinned or banded together may be filled at the same time using a single panel outlet provided they are part of the same twinset or rig and are intended to be operated as a pair. Multi filling using additional or your own whip(s) is not allowed.

The self service panel operates with any coinage (except coppers) and Puffin Dive Centre tokens which can be purchased through the shop if carrying large quantities of coinage around with you does not appeal.

Full filling instruction are posted on the main instruction panel. Ensure these instructions are followed and filling is easy. We cannot accept responsibility for money lost through improper use of the filling panel. If in any doubt or just want some friendly help, please ask in the shop. All genuine faults should be reported to the shop.