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Air & Gases on Site

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Air & Gases on Site

Air and Gases Image Image Image Image
Air and Panel360 TourSelf Service Air Panel opening hours and filling information.
Other GasesOther Gases available at Puffin Dive Centre and background information for each.
Standards360 TourPuffin Dive Centre air purity information and air purity checks
PricesPrices for Air, Nitrox and other gas mixes available at Puffin Dive Centre.

Compressor Maintenance Study Photographs For Training Purposes Only

The following photographs show areas relating to compressor maintenance. Questions in the final exam may relate to the photographs below which deal with key areas of the PDC 32CFM compressor.

PhasePhaseBlow OffBlow OffCompressor Stack LargeStack LargeCompressor Stack SmallStack Small
Ali CoolerAli CoolerHATHATCooler BracketCooler BracketFull Top ViewFull Top
1st Stage Blow Off1st Stage Blow OffAir OutletAir OutletBlow off 2Blow Off 24th Stage Oil System4th stage Oil System
4th Stage Failed Piston4th Stage Failed PistonAir InletAir Inlet3rd Stage3rd StageTelemechanique SettingTelemechanique Setting
Compressor ElectricsElectricsCompressor Electrics 2Electrics 2Hour MeterHour MeterSerial NumberSerial No.
Motor PulleyMotor PulleyCompressor PulleyCompressor PulleyCompressor Top ViewTop ViewCompressor Top Right-hand ViewTop RH View
Dew Point WiringDew Point WiringDew Point Wiring 2Dew Point Wiring 2Dew Point Wiring 3Dew Point Wiring 3Copper CoolerCopper Cooler

We also have some videos of Wiring:

View Wiring Video 1
Download Wiring Video 1 (4mb)

View Wiring Video 2
Download Wiring Video 2 (40mb)

ELECTRICS 22/04/09

Detailed electrics 1Full electrics 1
Full electrics 2Full Electrics 3
Detailed Electrics 2Mid-detail Electrics

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