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Training Bargains

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Training Bargains

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Open Water and Advanced Open Water

An introductory package taking you from beginner to Advanced Open Water, able to dive safely to 30m and SAVING OVER £90!
Plus you get all the extras normally associated with our courses as standard - 1:1 in-water tuition, extra dives on completion of your course and all dives in the sea, in a Drysuit enabling you to dive anywhere in the world!

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Price: £870

AOW, EFR, Rescue

Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response and Rescue - everything you need to widen your diving knowledge and improve your safety - and SAVE OVER £100 at the same time!
As usual, you get all of the normal extras included as well - 1:1 tuition, extra dives, and full briefings and lectures on all subjects.

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Price: £960

Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and EFR

OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue

This terrific Puffin bundle is an ideal choice for the person who wants a high-level of diving skills together with in-depth knowledge and is starting without any previous diving experience.
Contains absolutley everything needed to allow you a start from scratch. Taught in conjunction with prescriptive dives will result in the prestigious Rescue Diver Certification, with warm AND cold water capability! A meritus qualification backed up with extremley useful background skills.
Your saving -OVER £170 on the separate course prices.

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Price: £1490

Rescue and EFR

The basic Rescue Bundle, contains everything you need to become a diver with the skills and abilities to spot a problem before it happens - giving you the chance to prevent it from happening - as well as the First Aid skills to care for a diver - or indeed anyone - who has had an accident.
Includes extra dives, low Instructor to Student ratios, and a SAVING OVER £70!

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Price: £628

Rescue, EFR, DM

You reached Advanced Open Water and decided you wanted to get more back from your diving - becoming a Professional PADI Divemaster gives you the chance to get paid to dive.
This package includes everything you need to know to be a successful Divemaster - Professional level Theoretical Knowledge and Role Model Dive skills are the Hallmark of our courses. We don't just give you enough to pass - we train you to pass with ease.

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Price: £1310


The Complete Pro Package, training you from Divemaster to Open Water Scuba Instructor - one of the most sought after Professional Diving Qualifications in the industry.
You get everything you need including course materials, Professional Knowledge Development and Role Model Dive skills as well as a Discount of over £300 compared to the individual course prices!

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Price: £3160

OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue, DM

Go Pro - If you have no previous diving experience then this is for you. Training you from Open Water to Divemaster will result in making you a qualified professional with the abilities to support your qualification. Completing your training at Puffin has the added benefit that we will ensure you do not pick up any bad habits, making role modeling for student divers easier as you will not even have to think about it. You also SAVE OVER £250!

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Price: £2162

OW, AOW, EFR, Rescue, DM, AI

The next step up the ladder - Assistant Instructor has all the benefits of Divemaster knowledge and skills coupled with a wider selection of courses available to teach. It also gives you the opportunity to gain experience teaching before going on to complete the Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam.
Spread over six months, this package takes you from complete novice to Assistant Insructor with a SAVING of OVER £300!

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Price: £2687

Open Water to Instructor

The Ultimate Professional Package - training you from Open Water up to Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI). The course is geared towards your final goal of being a Professional Diving Instructor and will help you become the best you can be - Professional Knowledge and Diving Skills built up over a minimum six month period in preparation for the Instructor Exam - and with all your training in Drysuits you will be qualified to teach anywhere in the world - while SAVING OVER £450 at the same time!

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Price: £3735

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Bundle 10

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Price: £XXX.XX

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