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HSE Scuba

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HSE Scuba

HSE SCUBA Diver Training Courses - B050/0108

The HSE SCUBA DIVER qualification allows open circuit Scuba Divers in the UK to meet the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). This is required for any diving activity where payment of any kind is made to the diver.

Commercial divers kittedSuccessful completion of the course provides approved diving qualification under the ACOPs required for:

- Recreational Diving
- Archaeological Diving
- Scientific Diving
- Media Diving
- Shellfish Diving
- Inshore Diving
- Any other related ACOPs

The course is based on continued assessment by the instructional and assessment staff and requires full completion and satisfactory achievement within all of the modules contained and presented in the academic sessions and under water sessions.

Professional Instructors present the modules with an emphasis on high standards and diving discipline allowing successful candidates to achieve substantially more vocationally post course.

Candidates should be prepared to provide study assignments for modules and complete evaluations throughout the course. Students will receive tuition delivered in short presentations and practice sessions. Note taking is essential and along with the study guides should provide candidates with sufficient examination passing capability. Where past academic ability is light or insufficient additional tuition may be provided and is always available at additional cost. The academic capability required is equivalent to state education as provided to a 15 year old. Basic calculations using a calculator together with fundamental reading and writing skills are required. Where students are from overseas the use of a translator is acceptable on all surface work.

The course is made up of modules based on the easiest first. This foundation is critical allowing further modules of increasing complexity to be overlaid on the earlier comprehension. In simple terms candidates who put effort in at the early stages when the subject matter will generally find later modules very straight forward. Getting in to the water

Candidates are provided with a detailed course manual. This is retained by the student after the course for reference. The course does contain other diving references and course activities and manuals where appropriate will be loaned to students for study work.

Candidates must have appropriate fitness and will have completed prior to the course start date a HSE certificate of medical fitness to dive. This can be obtained from a suitably qualified doctor (list available on link below). During the course swimming capability will be assessed for both duration and distance. The demonstration of stamina and ability is moderate although candidates should be adequate swimmers. Please view the link to the approved HSE medical examiners of divers: 

In addition to receiving the HSE Scuba Diver qualification candidates will receive on successful completion appropriate recreational certification deemed necessary based on the level of prior diving certification and experience that a candidate already has and may include:

- Dive Master certification (*)
- Oxygen Provider certification
- First Aid at Work certification
- Dry Suit certification
- Open Water certification
- Advanced Open Water Certification
- Rescue Diver

These recreational certifications are based on a full course pricing and several conditions and candidates are not automatically entitled to all or any of the qualifications unless specified in advance in a written agreement with the candidate.  

(*) The normal cost of a Divemaster course is £650 plus materials and membership. Candidates on a full price commercial diver course are entitled subject to conditions to take the course for a reduced cost of £350 plus materials and membership. This must be booked and agreed prior to the start of the commercial course.

These are the first level recreational industry professional certificates and are recognised throughout the world.
(*) A PADI fee for application/membership is required. It should be noted that currently PADI require professional candidates (Divemaster and above courses) to have their own personal copies of manuals and inclusion in the Divemaster option will require extra study days and the purchase by the student of the study pack at a cost from PADI (we can supply) of £185 (estimated Jan 2012) . Students must request and pay for this option at the time of booking to ensure the reservation of extra study days and tuition. A pre-assessment for this course is mandatory after the Rescue level has been successfully achieved and eligibility to complete the Divemaster course with Puffin Dive Centre is based on academic standards of at least pass marks in the pre-assessments. 

The course is open to three types of individual:
- non diver
- experienced non certified diver
- experienced certified diver

Different programs are available for each type ensuring minimum dive experience of 75 dives prior to final certification. The equivalency for experienced certification is based on the CMAS 3 * with at least 50 drysuit dives of which 10 are in the 25 metre category or below with a pre assessment in water and academically. Logged dives are required. Logbooks will be maintained throughout the course provided by the candidate and prior experience proof logbooks will be inspected. During all course diving a supplied computer will be attached to each diver for the purposes of producing independent records of each dive.

Divers who meet the requirements of Puffin Dive Centre pre assessment both in water and theoretical will be eligible to take the reduced program. The course programme is tailored for optimum time useage and changes required by individuals may result in delays to the completion date estimated or the pricing level of any discounted courses.

Any promotional packages are valid when claimed at the booking stage. Promotions are not retrospectively applicable. Claims must be in writing at the outset.

A "Non Diver" course cost is applied until candidates have satisfied the relevant "proofs" for eligibility by providing authentic and valid documentation establishing the training is in place. Where a discount is initially claimed and "proofs" are not forthcoming for whatever reason PDC will charge the current price for the relevant course(s) omitted and provide training at a time appropriate to the main course.

During training there will be the opportunity to use and experience various types of commercial equipment relevant to the activity in water. Puffin Dive Centre will provide the use of harnesses, professional rig tanks, bail out bottles together with course air and full face masks with full communications etc. However the trainee must provide a serviceable drysuit, mask, fins, SPG and SCUBA including their tank to meet at least recreational standard for the general course work. During build up dives and practice dives where the accumulation of dive totals, is required essentially for experience and the progression of the students self development, or to reach a required standard, the SCUBA equipment and the required air is the students own responsibility. Kitted and ready

Purchase benefits are available with significant discounts for course participants. Contact the Puffin Dive Centre shop and discuss. A further option for items needed during the course may be rental on a long-term hire - discuss your requirements at the time of booking. It is essential that any equipment used or provided by the student meets the functionality criterion set down by Puffin Dive Centre in turn to meet the Health and Safety Executive requirements or best practice.

All diving will be carried out following the relevant ACOP except where course members carry out recreational dives for their own number acquisition. In any event the diving practices should be consistently industry standard exemplary. The level of diving taught and expected will be consistent with drysuit diving for the conditions experienced on the West Coast of Scotland which in turn are considered world wide cold water diving. Currents, surge and reduced visibility will be covered and practised.

Participants must be 18 years or older at the start of the course and in documented good health. A copy of the HSE medical is mandatory at the start of the course. Under certain circumstances candidates under the age of 18 may be accepted.

The HSE require that candidates have sufficient aptitude to understand diving tables and grasp basic diving academic and pass a final examination. Puffin Dive Centre is required to obtain evidence that candidates are by academic qualification or under exam conditions prove capability of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers decimals and fractions, calculate percentages and transpose and solve simple formulae such as may be required to demonstrate understanding of for example gas laws (non programmable calculators may be used).

Spoken and written English capability is required to ensure that communications essential for safety reasons during diving operations are to a reasonable standard. Candidates will be required to write at least one page of A4 lined paper on a specified subject as an example and proof of this capability.

For most individuals the above is not difficult to achieve and if candidates have concerns they should view the HSE website for further details. 

Candidates must provide photographic proof of identity an acceptable form would be a passport, driving licence, police warrant, national identity card, etc.

Self-catering accommodation is available from Puffin Dive Centre for the duration of the course or other requirements - B&B etc can be arranged locally. Candidates should ensure that they have adequate study ease and suitable conditions.

The courses are run monthly and last between 14 and 21 days depending on level and ability at the outset. Candidates will join courses at their appropriate level subject to reassessment.

During presentations the ratio will be 6:1 or less and in water the ratios will be a maximum of 2:1.

Failure to complete the course will result in forfeiture of money paid unless an alternative is agreed at the express option of PDC.

* Air diving and decompression theory
* Compressors and air purity
* Decompression sickness and related
* Diving physics
* Equipment use and maintenance
* Rigging
* Seamanship
* Surface compression chambersPuffin's chamber
* HSE and DWR regulations
* Underwater communications
* Full-face mask
* Drysuit practice and theory
* Oxygen administration
* First Aid at Work - (included only on full course)

* 25-30M dives (multiple) FF, HF, Coms.
* 40 M chamber dive
* 15-25M range, reduced visibility, night
* 15-25M range, FF, HF, Coms.
* 5-10M range, FF, HF, Coms.
* Practice diving in all categories
* From boats, pontoon, shore and multi condition
* Rescue and assessment training
* Emergency management and oxygen provision
* Self rescue and recovery to the surface

COURSE DETAILS:Health and Safety Executive

DURATION: 14-21days
COST: non diver Price List
non certified Price List
CMAS 3* equivalent Price List
First Aid at Work Price List


- Included

Climbing up the moonpoolPDC HSE SCUBA Manual

Books and DVD's available from the Puffin Dive Centre shop and Recommended for Reading in conjunction with this course -


Books and DVD's will be dispatched usually on the same day with Post and packing charged at the current rates.


Related courses are generally available from Puffin Dive Centre and can be booked at the same time. Course contents are subject to constant review and course content may vary from advertised detail.

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