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How To Use This Site

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How To Use This Site

This is a simple help guide to various areas of the site. Most areas are self explanatory. Please let us know if the site content or the operating tools or procedures appear faulty or inaccurate.

Required Technologies

This site works best using Internet Explorer version 4.0 or greater. Click here to download the most recent version.

In order to view PDFs on this site, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the most recent version.

In order to view some of the content on this site, you will need Java enabled on your machine. Click here to download the latest version.

Symbols and their Actions

HelpThis symbol brings you directly to this page

Print IconCursor allows 'printer friendly' dumps to users printer. It includes only the main body of text in a WYSIWYG layout

Alternative LanguagesClicking this item allows users to view a given page in languages other than English.

Phone: +44 1631 566 088Cursor over item shows Puffin Dive Centre Telephone Number

Fax: +44 1631 564 142 Cursor over item shows Puffin Dive Centre Fax Number

Email: Cursor over item shows Puffin Dive Centre E-Mail address

Post: The Puffin Dive Centre, Port Gallanach, Oban, Argyll, PA34 4QH, Scotland, United Kingdom Cursor over item shows Postal Address for Puffin Dive Centre

Find out where we are and how to reach us Travel Map. Plan your journey to/from Puffin Dive Centre. Put in your Post Code or part, Home town and the site will calculate the mileage and best route.

Site Tour

360o Tour. View a 360 degree photo of various areas of Puffin Dive Centre

Sub HomeSub home button used for going back to the nav bar choice
HomeHome button takes you directly to the site home page
Shopping MallPriority navigation button takes you directly to selected choices
SendSpecific command button labeled for task ie "send", "reset" and "click here"

Visual Styles























1)Standard Text Titles
2)Shop Title
3)Manual DT Title
4)Brochure Content Title
5)Standard Text Script

Rules of Use

Incomplete Documents / Document requiring amendments

A page with "admin alter" at the top is one which we intend to change / amend. While it's contents may be relevant, you should make enquiries rather than taking the details of the page as fact.

Copyright Content

Any information on this site which is the copyright of Puffin Dive Centre will have a short disclaimer copied at the bottom of the page stating " Puffin Dive Centre 2008". We ask that browsers do not redistribute or copy the content of those pages. Other pages containing content which is the copyright of external entities will have their own copyright disclaimer as appropriate, for each relevant entity.

Important Information

News Items

New News Items should replace one of the first five news items under the news section (numbers 8 - 4 inclusive). News Item 1 on the News Homepage corresponds to News Item with Id number 8. News Item 2 corresponds to Id7, Item 3 Id6 etc. Items that are being replaced are moved to the beginning of their relevant news section (the archive). Items can be added with the same editing abilities used in the normal pages.

Layout Styles

Most of the information on this website is from our own pre-existing manuals, and as such is updated at the same time they are. As PDF files are not the best way to build an entire website, the information has been lifted and edited to make it presentable, usually with images alternating left and right down the length of the page. This may have led to typos / other errors. If you see anything which looks incorrect, please contact us including the page title where you found the error, its web address (URL) and the location of the error on the page.

Page Tools

Navigation BlockUseSizes
buttonShort Description
buttonShort Description
buttonShort Description
buttonShort Description
Click here to view a working version

Used on all navigation-style pages. Mouse over a button to view an associated picture. There are a maximum of four buttons per block, giving five images (one default and four button-specific images). Reverts to the default image when the mouse is moved off the button(s). Images are currently managed by Ed.

Home page: images are 162px x 162px

other pages: Images are 130px x 130px

Navigation Block 2UseSizes
Click here to view a working version
Mouse over a smaller image to view a larger version.

Currently designed at:

large image: W182px x H136px

small image: W44px x H33px

Picture BlockUseSizes
Click here to view a working versionA row of five images spanning the page.Image sizes: 130px x 130px
Product (Drysuit) BlockUseSizes

Divemaster Male

Male Divemaster Suit
Zip Lube Bottle and Brush
T-Rex Stainless Steel/Titanium Knife Set
Blo Gun and Inflator
Apeks Inflator and Hose


Offer extended while stocks last.

Click here to view a working version
Used in the Centre shop area for various products, mostly drysuits.Image sizes: main image is 468px(H) x 208px(W). The smaller images are a maximum of 58px(H) x 41px(W).

Image sizes

Note that these pixel ratios are all approximately 4:3, and can be Height x Width (portrait) or Width x Height (landscape - most common way of writing sizes).




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