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Minimum Dive Kit

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Minimum Dive Kit

Puffin Dive Centre operates on the west coast of Scotland where the sea temperature ranges from around 14 degrees Celsius at the surface in summer (June-August) to 5 degrees Celsius in mid February. These are surface temperatures and at depth you may expect significant changes.

Divers boarding the boatThe figures shown above are as measured however individuals may well experience these temperatures to a greater or lesser extent depending on tolerance or acclimatisation.

Wind chill can decrease the above by several degrees and possibly when blowing from certain directions and strengths individuals should treat conditions as extreme.

Sea diving creates it own requirements for thermal protection and care should be taken to ensure adequate warmth not only for the dive but the travel periods and surface intervals. There is a large difference between shore diving and boat diving in this regard.

Sunlight in summer with boat travel may cause wind burn to exposed skin. Thus protection is required especially as the accumulation is subtle.

Aquatic life may impart poison and care should be taken to avoid for instance Lions Main Jellyfish prevalent between early June & August but potentially present at any time.



Drysuits - essential and should be where possible without fault. All types will suffice subject to the use of an appropriate undersuit. During winter diving experience has shown that a 5mm neoprene drysuit with a top of the range arctic style 2 piece undersuit. Short duration diving may allow many other options.

Wetsuits can be worn although not recommended as wind chill on the boats may reduce comfort or increase risks.

Appropriate equipment can be hired or purchased from Puffin Dive Centre along with guidance and advice for the type of equipment that may be required for different types of diving.


Cylinder- 12ltr although 15ltrs is useful for extension or depth

BCD or Equivalent-

Hood -

Gloves- gloves are not worn during some Puffin Dive Centre training for acclimatisation and manual dexterity reasons.

Regulator- Serviced within the last 12 months and fit for North Atlantic diving conditions

Primary Second Stage-

Octopus Second Stage-

SPG- These may be electronic or analogue

DG- These may be electronic or analogue

Compass- These may be electronic or analogue

Time keeping device- These may be as part of a computer but the requirement to show actual time is important.

Computer or means of tracking dive profile and details

Fins- Should be suitable for drysuit diving and not warm water quality or type.Divers and their Dive Kit

Reel- Capable of release from depth with a safe ratchet or no ratchet.

DSMB- often referred to in many ways but the diver should be practiced & capable of deployment from depth

Torch- Primary or and secondary as required

Mask- Must be good quality scuba mask

Knife- Sharp for cutting line

Weight Belt- Shot or slab- harness or integral- belt or pouch

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