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Diving Standards Policy

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Diving Standards Policy


The policy over the twenty plus years that PDC has operated as a dive boat provider has evolvedsignificantly as diving practices have changed. Many individuals dive sufficiently well to satisfy any reasonable requirement set by ourselves or diving agencies however sometimes individuals exceed the practices allowed.

Commercial Diving off P4Poor judgement is the main cause of unagreed extended diving. This creates concerns on the part of the skipper and others. In the interim between the extension being taken and the resolution the skipper is faced with a dilemma. On one hand he is obliged to put into practice precautionary activities as the diver may be in difficulties and on the other hand he knows that it is probably bad practice and timekeeping that is the issue and merely a delay.

The skippersrules as followed at PDC do not allow to much latitude and he is obliged therefore at the earliest time to register the "problem" so that standby actions can be taken.

As divers have been briefed in advance of the dive to stay within generous general guidelines for time and depth OR have the option to "declare" an increased requirement there is generally little scope for further interpretation. PDC puts into practice a plan and starts this plan in operation as early as practical.

Divers intentionally disregarding this important PDC rule or creating the issue without good & justifiable cause may be refused further diving.

All divers are required to follow agency rules as appropriate.

Diving conduct falls into many categories and the skipper will report to PDC any instances of diving conduct that falls below expectation. A manager at PDC will make the general determination of how to resolve the conduct issue. Areas of conduct that are considered dangerous or not in the best interests of PDC may result in the curtailment of diving for the indivdual(s) or group if appropriate.

Some Categories which may result in the curtailment of diving:Puffin 3 and Puffin 4 together

  • Diving deeper than agreed
  • Diving for longer than agreed
  • Inappropriate conduct when accidentally separated in the water
  • Hazardous diving
  • Misuse of gas by minimums
  • Misuse of diving tables by unagreed extension
  • Unplanned or unagreed decompression diving
  • Unagreed exits from the boat


PDC is able to and welcomes all general qualified divers including but not limited to: General Recreational, Rebreather, Semi Rebreather, Commercial, Technical & all variants including Solo.

Conditions apply and should be read in conjunction with this policy.

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