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Required Qualifications

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Required Qualifications

Puffin Dive Centre requires that all divers engaging in activities with Puffin Dive Centre should be appropriately qualified for the relevant activity.

Exceptions are only within training activities where an appropriate instructor, insured and currently affiliated to a certifying organisation takes full responsibility for the following of and execution of the diving training with an individual undergoing training.

The diving undertaken by the boat may be applicable to varied levels of diver & the diver should ensure before entering the water that the conditions are satisfactory and within their experience and qualification.

Experience has a significant impact on qualification levels. Divers should not automatically assume that suitability for one individual diver qualification level is indicative of ability or required experience.

Experience varies and is subject to dives undertaken both in total numbers and location and type of diving conditions.

Qualifications gained in one type of water are reflective of capability but not necessarily indicative of all types of water. Some examples are fresh water lakes and tidal sea conditions.

Qualification for equipment should be relevant with experience. The use of reels, marker buoys, tanks, weighting configurations etc are left to the individual diver. Puffin Dive Centre will endeavour to advise where possible but accepts no liability other than where remunerated and certified training has been undertaken for the specific equipment.

An individual divers qualification level sets the maximum dive level for that individual and any experience based extension to that level is based on the individual divers judgement. It is advised that the diver always dives within the maximum level. In any event on Puffin Dive Centre vessels the maximum is 35 meters depth unless the individual has declared to the skipper in advance of the dive an intention to extend this depth. This Puffin Dive Centre maximum does not infer uncertified extension to divers who are not qualified.

The maximum time of a dive is 40 minutes underwater unless an extension is requested in advance of the dive from the boat skipper. This mandatory requirement provides an indication to the skipper of the divers maximum duration away from the boat and is used in calculations in the event of an emergency.

Qualification for thermal protection and drysuit use is part of diving training and experience. Drysuits in particular have diving requirements that are specific and divers should have prior experience and capability and where appropriate the training and certification.

Puffin Dive Centre does not provide training to individuals operating as qualified divers from its vessels unless specifically hired for this requirement on a course with PDC or similar.

Puffin Dive Centre instructors and staff will endeavour to assist individuals who manifest poor, non standard or inappropriate diving behaviour however the Puffin Dive Centre diving instructor is not responsible for ensuring the conduct or activities of others on the vessel other than those under his specific charge.

Any areas of specific concern should be addressed in writing to Puffin Dive Centre in advance of the intended diving.

It is the intention of Puffin Dive Centre to provide a framework for individuals who are qualified to dive to practice diving safely however it is the provision of the transportation to the dive site that a boat seat is sold and whilst every effort will be made to assist divers when diving from Puffin Dive Centre vessels it is the individual diver who must ensure the correct qualification and experience for the dive.

Puffin Dive Centre will allow under certain circumstances qualified divers to dive without a buddy. This must be declared to the skipper before exiting the boat and all rules regarding depth and time shown above as well as qualification requirements must be followed.

Additionally at the time of booking and where the requirement by the individual diver is intentionally to dive without a buddy specific reference should be made regarding this requirement.

Solo diving of any kind must be supported by documented experience verified by PDC at the point of arrival on the the day of boat diving and presentation of qualifications which the skipper may choose to verify prior to exit from the boat.

Conditions or the skipper may change requirements or allowance to dive.

Weather and sea conditions are variable and may be unpredictable. Care will be taken through experience to advise divers however Puffin Dive Centre cannot be held responsible for conditions outside of its control.

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