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Waterfront Chalets

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Waterfront Chalets

Waterfront Accommodation - B004/0108

The success of your stay is extremely important to us and we will do everything within reason to accommodate your requirements.


Arrival check in time starts from 1600 hrs unless specific and special arrangements have been made PRIOR to arrival. Your co-operation is appreciated on check in allowing us time to service and prepare for your arrival. Guests arriving before 1600 hrs may have to wait until this time unless specific arrangements have been made for an early arrival. It is recomended to arrive after 1600hrs.

Waterfront ChaletsWhen your stay is over, ensure that all your property has been removed and that all items are replaced to their respective rooms. The keys MUST be handed into the front desk staff at the dive centre and the property must be secured upon departure. Guests are advised that vacation of the premises must be at the very latest by 0930 as new arrivals for that day, will expect the premises to be fully serviced etc. If there is anything we can help you with, please speak to any relevant member of staff and we hope your stay is an enjoyable one. We appreciate comments from guests regarding any contributions to the improvement within, of course, the budget for this type of accommodation. Comments will be welcomed during or after your stay on the form provided.

Whilst we enjoy a relatively crime free area at Gallanach, guests are reminded that their property and their own personal possessions, should be secured through the use of window and door locks. Puffin Dive Centre recommends that all guests should use appropriate insurance for their personal possessions etc.

Guests will be issued with a front door key, for which a £20 cash deposit will be taken upon arrival and returned subject to the safe return of key.

The key for the patio door leading onto the balcony should be retained inside the patio door at all times, all windows have key locks and the keys for these locks are held on the main bunch - the group organiser should ensure that these locks are taken off when the building is occupied. Car parking is at your discretion anywhere on the Puffin Dive Centre site. Guests are asked not to park along the road outside of their units as this offends our neighbours and due to the narrow roads runs the risk of blocking.

There are many shops in Oban, the usual outfitter being Tesco's, open every night until 8pm except Sundays when it closes at 6pm. The Oban Caravan and Camping site, which is approximately 250 yards further along the Gallanach Road from Puffin Dive Centre, has a well stocked shop which has most food necessities including a large freezer store.

There is a public telephone on the Puffin Dive Centre site and public telephones of course in Oban.

The chalets are not considered suitable for dive kit storage. Arrangements must be made seperatley for dive kit. This kit can either be stored by you in your vehicles or on the dive boat itself if it is Puffin IV that you have booked for the same time. If your seperate charter boat operator is willing to allow you to store your kit on their boat or, subject to availability, in one of our changing rooms or stores. Guests staying in our Waterfront Chalets will normally have available to them one changing room per chalet hired. These changing rooms have a heater that is metered and lights and are seperatley lockable. They easily accommodate up to 12 sets of kit and provide storage for equipment. Rules for these changing rooms are shown elsewhere on this site however it is worth reminding that as with anywhere on the PDC site, boats etc. that insurance cover is the guests responsibility.

Guests with special requirements (those with restricted access, etc.) should notify us in advance so that this may be catered for on arrival.

PDC cares for the environment and takes many steps to apply good practice. For customers it is their option to dispose of glass, bottles, etc. either at the Tesco or Moleigh Waste Site or place in a bag and leave a note for our cleaning staff on exit. (The option to take the bottles home may be preferable) In the past we have received requests to provide a facility at our Gallanach site however the site itself is free access with multiple bins and we have users (not even customers) dumping doggy bags, nappy packs and other items that we would prefer our staff not to have to handle. We also pay to have our waste dealt with and as we are holders of a waste disposal licence. This means we can have the privilege of delivering to the local tip our waste at £140 + vat per load! This "licence" allows us to take offensive smelling items on demand that have been left "for us" such as shellfish, discarded sea life & re-claimed items. Now we can go to the tip (at cost) when we believe it to be appropriate to reduce any odour rather than wait for a Wednesday bin man. 

Any help you can give with this cause or our daily litter sweeps, monthly road patrols or general care will always be appreciated.

Chalet living areaBARBEQUES
Planning a Barbeque is easy, unfortunately the weather might not always play ball! Puffin has two barbeque units available for the use of guests. Ask for them in the shop. They are of the basic variety and have some utensils. After use can you leave them relatively clean and ready for the next user. Charcoal and starter fluid etc is usually provided by the guests. Balcony use is not permitted due of course to the fire risk. We can arrange food and drink packages however most guests tend to go to Tesco and pick up the necessary items. Please be smart with your location as smoke and noise can annoy others not invited!

Oban has one main laundrette and another is located at the caravan park although this is a single machine operation and can be very busy.

Vacuum cleaner, brush, mop, etc. are located in the water heating cupboard at the top of the stairs, which may also be used for drying etc. Should any mishaps occur - breakages, etc. - we would appreciate notification, so that replacements can be instantly obtained and therefore on vacation delays do not occur.

We will tolerate any reasonable accidental breakage, but reserve the right to charge for any damage. The cost of your stay includes electricity, heating and water. Guests should satisfy themselves on arrival that the water heating storage tank is set to ON - the switch is located in the kitchen. The fridge has an isolator switch near to the cooker, this should also be set ON and it is marked accordingly. You will find the accommodation tidy on arrival and we would appreciate all of the accommodation being left in this condition upon departure.

Each unit is considered to be NO SMOKING and we apologise in advance to the guests who believe that smoking is their right, however in the interests of the majority of guests that use our accommodation we insist on a NO SMOKING rule throughout. Pets are not allowed. Items contained within the units should not be removed at any time- this includes balcony furniture, cutlery etc.

Staff members are on site at all times, but non-emergencies should be confined to the day between 9am and 5pm.

You will appreciate that we are primarily a dive centre and not a hotel, although the standard that you can expect will be reasonable and high. Should you at anytime during your stay have an area of concern please let the front office staff know. They will accommodate any reasonable request.

The accommodation is considered self-catering and guests are expected to provide all of their normal day-to-day consumables - food etc. We realise that guests sometimes travel long distances and some of the basic initial requirements such as washing up liquid, loo roll and a small amount of coffee, tea and sugar ingredients are there should you arrive late.

Chalet bedroomThe accommodation has sheets, duvets, pillows and pillowcases and guests need not normally bring their own sleeping bag. A towel of medium size is provided. Guests sometimes choose to take these as a souvenir of their stay at Puffin. The cost will be added automatically to the group leaders card/charge.

A television is provided, as well as fridge with a small freezer section, cooker with oven, toaster, microwave, kettle and small dining area.

Each unit has a balcony large enough to swing the odd cat and there is at least one BBQ area on site.

Accommodation comprises of two rooms upstairs each containing twin beds and furniture for clothing and downstairs contains a bedroom with wide bunk beds, giving accommodation for six. Each unit also has a spare room, which can take an optional seventh person. This room has a bed and bedside cupboard.

There is a bathroom on the ground floor comprising of a standard toilet (non disabled), basin and shaving mirror and shower cubicle. The cubicle has inside dimensions of L - 69.5cms, W - 72.5cms, H - 194cms. guests requiring more space to shower can use the toilet block facilities. Plenty of hot water available (small children should be supervised as the hot taps become er.. hot!) Floor towels are provided as well as a large towel for each guest.

Our water is unfiltered spring water from the hill and non potable. Try to be conservative on its use especially at peak times.

Should a fuse trip; the fuse cupboard (subject to the offending appliance being removed) can be reset in the small downstairs bedroom.
The extractor fan in the kitchen works on an isolated switch, rather than with the light, so that this can be disengaged when its purpose has been served.
The extractor fan in the bathroom is automatic A floor towel is provided in the bathroom for use with the shower. Shaver sockets are available to international standard.
Guests are provided with several books of interest to divers for use; they are available for purchase in the Puffin Dive Centre shop. These also should remain at all times within the unit.

Reported breakages or losses of a small nature are generally waived. However we reserve the right to charge, especially when unreported.

The dive shop is open all day, every day, at the times shown on the board outside of the shop. Diving Air is available from our self-service machine.
Air times 0700 to 2100hrs Summer Season
Shop hours Winter Season

Booking can only be confirmed by a 50% deposit which is non-refundable. Balance eight weeks prior to occupation. Confirmation will be given to group leader.
Please note that Puffin Dive Centre reserves the right to charge a full fee cancellation rate for any booking cancelled within 21 days of the date you are due to arrive.

As the units are extremely popular early booking is recommended. All costs are included other than breakages costs, there are NO extras.

If your arrival is going to be later than 1700 Hrs you must phone during the day prior to 1700 (or relevant shop opening hours) to make arrangements for your key collection and location. The accommodation is not staffed after these hours and you may be disappointed if you fail to take this important step. Guests who stay or leave their equipment after 0930 on the day of departure will be subject to a late exit charge as shown below.

LATE DEPARTURE (1200hrs) £20.00

We look forward to your visit - you won't be disappointed

All parking is free to residents and divers using the services of Puffin Dive Centre. Others:

Dive Centre6am - 6pm£ 3.00
24 hours£ 5.00
SlipLaunch Unassisted£ 9.00
Launch Assisted£25.00
PontoonShort Stay - 1 hourfree
Long Stay - 24 hours£15.00
MooringsShort Stay - free
Long Stay - 24 hours£15.00
Equip StoreChalet Residentfree
Non Resident£10.00

Oban Hospital A&E01631 567500
Lorn Medical Centre/Doctor 01631 563175
Dentist01631 567321
Police01631 510500
Coastguard01475 729988
Dunstaffnage Chamber01631 563525

China Restaurant01631 565317
Light of India01631 563728
The Gathering Restaurant01631 564849
Ee-usk Fish Restaurant01631 565666
Manor House01631 562087
Soroba House01631 562628

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