Puffin Dive Centre

Puffin Reef


The details of this dive site are prepared from many sources of information and may not be fully accurate, although are believed to be reasonably close by the author.

Site NamePuffin ReefPDC Last Dive.Diving TypeShore
NM PDC.Longitude.Latitude.
Depth Shallow.Depth Optimum.Current.
Depth Maximum.Depth Possible.Visibility.

Optimum Dive States:
Any state of tide. At the lowest tide the water level is below the end of the

Recommended Minimum Qualification: Open Water

Important Ancillary Equipment: SMB optional

Description: PDC in house reef - see map for layout

Shore Facing: East

Current expected: Slack to slight current.

Temperature: Average of 9 C. Maximum of 12 C and minimum of 6 C.

Bottom composition: Silt bottom, during summer kelp in abundance.

Visibility: High tide 5-7 metres, low tide 3-5 metres but can be as little as 2 metres.

Depth: Within Gallanach Bay the maximum depth is 3 metres at high tide. Along the
reef 18 metres is possible, however at the end of the yellow row of markers is 12 metres.

Features: Pontoon system and yellow cans marking dive area to South.

Expected Sea life - Octopus, Lobster, John Dory, Cuttlefish, Spider Crab, Nudibranchs, Velvet Crab, Saithe
Dogfish, Hermit Crab, Greater Pipefish, Flatfish, Edible Crab, Pollock, Peacock Fan Worm, Squat Lobster,
Conger, Scallop,Two Spot Gobies, Common Star Fish, Sand Gobies andLong Clawed Squat Lobster!

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